Is It Any Wonder Amazon Is Killing Mom And Pop Stores?

Mediamodifier / Pixabay

This was something I wrote about in an email today, and I thought I’d go over it again for of those of you that aren’t on my email list.

The retail scene has changed a lot in the past few years. Every year we seem to have more retail businesses going out of business because of retailers like Amazon and the likes. But is it really Amazon’s fault, or does some of the blame lay at the feet of those retailers?

For example…

  • How many retailers made some attempt to get your details so they could follow up with you?
  • And for those that did, how many times did they follow up after that first point of contact?
  • And if they did, did they ever contact you at a later point with something else you might like?

Slim, right.

Even if you named one retailer, other than Amazon, I’d be very surprised. But how hard is it?

Take for example if I ran a corner pet store.

“Hey, thanks for dropping by. Do you know we’ve got a competition on at the moment? We’re giving away $100 of stock this week, including some of the things you’ve bought today. All you need to do is write down your email address. By the way, make sure it’s a good one now, because we’ll be contacting the winner by email and giving away some smaller prizes too.”

“Did you know we’ve got a new Facebook page? We’re only starting to build an audience, would you mind giving us a ‘Like?’ We’re giving 10% off this week for anyone that does. We don’t you take out your smart phone and do it now and I’ll take it off this purchase.”

And by email…

“Hi, this is just a quick email thanking you for dropping by today. Did you know we have an Instagram page where we feature all our customers pets on. Would you like to add yours? Also while I have you here, do you know we’ve got some products that would go well with your purchase today. You can check them out on our online store, here.”

Nothing complicated in that, right? And yet anyone could do it.

Same goes for authors. It’s so easy to keep in contact with your readers, make friends with them, and offer them more of your work. And yet few do.

Why? It’s too hard or they couldn’t be bothered. And yet they’ll try their hardest to get another reader than focus on keeping their last one. They also complain about places like Amazon and the other authors they’re in competition with. Because it’s easier to blame everyone else, than it is to take start taking control back.

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