Is That Book Really Worth The Price You Paid For It?

…picture the scene, you’ve just gone to the Amazon kindle store, purchased a book on a topic you want to learn and you’re sitting down to read it.

You say to yourself, ‘OK, I’ve paid ten bucks for this thing, now I’ve got to get ten bucks of value out of it.’

Now if you get twelve bucks of value from it, you’re ahead, you’ve made good on your money, right?

But what if there was a hundred, a thousand, or a million bucks of information in that book?

Wouldn’t you read that book in a far different way? Wouldn’t you pay closer attention to what the author was trying to tell you, and follow their steps to the letter?

You see, although we don’t verbally say those things, that’s what most of us think.

Because we’re focused on the little bit that book can give us, we close ourselves off to what else we could learn from it.

Take for example a recent conversation I had with a subscriber over my Super Simple Plotting course.

“How long is it?’ she asked.

“It’s as long as it’s need to be,’ I replied.

“Yeah, but I need to know if it’s only fifteen minutes, an hour, or four hours for that price.”

I still didn’t tell her, not that I was trying to be difficult, but that she looked at a four hour video course being more powerful than a one hour one.

Why? Because it’s longer. It’s got to be better. Rather than looking at it from the angle of, if I can learn this in an hour if the info is good, it’s going to save me three hours of wasted time.

How many people make a fortune from Think and Grow Rich, because they see it as a seven buck book?

How many people can’t afford to spend a month of one on one with Tony Robbins, but yet balk at the thought of spending ten bucks for a condensed version of his knowledge?

There’s a saying in Ireland, you get what you pay for. But I’d also add to that, you get what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a five buck idea, you’ll find it. If you’re looking to get the price of a course back, that’s all you’ll get.

Listen, if you’re not getting ahead, maybe it’s time for a rethink and ask yourself.

‘Am I listening to or buying from the wrong people, or am I getting exactly what I’m looking for?’

Email Ace is my most expensive product so far right now. And with good reason, the information inside it has made me far, far, more than it’s price tag and continues to do so.

Now with the podcast up, who knows where it’s going to end.