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It All Started With A Mouse…

….when asked about his empire, Walt Disney always credited it to Mickey Mouse.

From that little black and white mouse, it’s grown so big that it reportedly paid $1 billion dollars to buy the Star Wars franchise off George Lucas.

He made another telling remark…the money from each movie went into funding the next one.

If it didn’t do well, he’d less money to work with for the next movie.

What about you and your business?

Is everything you’re doing building on that little mouse of yours?

And what if your next book, depended on the success of your last one?

Would you still be going, or would you be closing up the shutters?

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney.

Want to give old Walt a run for his money with your story telling – go here. 

He created a mouse and built a kingdom from it.

What about you?

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