It’s A Good Job I’m Not A Doctor

…the other day I had to pick up a prescription for one of the kids.

Walking over to the chemist to cash it in, I looked at the handwriting on it.

Now, I’m not one to brag about my handwriting – it sucks – this was way beyond anything I could have written.

Looking like it was done by someone – either mid stroke or during a sneeze – it’s no wonder so many people are killed by doctors bad handwriting.

Supposedly 7000 Americans are killed, and another million and half are injured by their cryptic text. 

That got me thinking…..thank God I never wanted to be a doctor. Between the long hours and my bad handwriting, I think I’d kill more than save.

It also doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.

I prefer my day job, where I show people how to make money creating content, and in some cases, erasing it.

Take my Spot The Difference Creations course as an example. – Putting that course together with my eight year old was a blast.

If you’d like a fun time, frustrating your customers, go here.

PS – And if you’d got a sinister streak in you, you’ll enjoy the amount of frustration you can cause even more.

Mo-ha ha!