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It’s All A Bunch Of ‘Wanklank’ If You Ask Me

…now that my inbox is as quiet as a feather hitting the ground, I find myself dipping into my spam folder from time to time for entertainment.

If it’s not Indian webmasters looking to put me and my website on a winning path, it’s rich Nigerian princes, or affiliates looking to sell me the most amazing thing since the earth cooled.

If it’s not eCommerce this, or chat-bot that, they’re all over the place in every mailing.

Some day’s I wonder if they even know themselves what they’re doing each day, or realize their stupidity.

How do I know this? – Because I used to be like that.

Ten years, jumping from one trend to another, never sticking to any thing long enough to learn anything. – I could go to the ‘Way Back Machine’ right now and depress you with the websites I’ve left in my wake.

That all changed for me when I stuck to one thing and kept at it.

What was that? Learning to make something of my own and then selling it. – Nothing complicated, right?

But for some people, they don’t feel comfortable asking for money for their creations.

Why? – Simply because they don’t have confidence in themselves and what they make. – Everyone else though, makes amazing stuff and deserves cash for it. – ‘Me though, I couldn’t ask for cash for my liddle ole book, video course, or coaching.’

Get over yourself.

If you ever want to get ahead in this online world, and want to make money from home, you’ve got to get people to give you money for your work. – Simples.

If you make something that entertains someone for an hour, shows them how to make money, or do something faster, you my friend, deserve money for doing that.

That’s why I’m not afraid any more to put a buy button on anything I make, because I stand behind and know it can help you.

If you can’t ask for money for your work, there’s no chat-bot in the world that’s ever going to save you. – I’m sorry to say.

Me though, I could show you buy buttons all day.

Here’s a few examples of some nice ones.

PS – It’s another reason why I don’t do affiliate offers any more. – There’s enough  ‘Wanklank’ in your inbox without me adding to it!

– It’s a Dutch word, go Google it.

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