It’s Ideas That Make The Big Bucks Nowadays

…when it comes to making money, most folks look at what the rich are doing and try to copy them. They need to be a lawyer, they need to be a doctor, they need to be…..(fill in the blank). Once they are, they’ll have a better income.

However, ideas are the currency nowadays. He or she that can come up with the most ideas, are guaranteed a home run every now and then.

Those jobs up there, are slowly going to be lost to automation and software, without ever needing to see a professional.

Ideas are where the money is.

Earl Nightingale once said that if you spend time every day coming up with ideas on how you could help your customer, you’d be light years ahead of your competition.

How profitable can an idea be?

Here’s a few examples…

Take the guys over at Pixar that created plots and characters for A Bug’s Life, WALL-E, Monsters Inc, and…..Finding Nemo…in a single lunch meeting.

Joe Vitale, who came up with the idea for a low calorie Margarita formula – because he was dieting and hated the fact that he couldn’t drink them anymore – and went on to make a small fortune from it.

Or even your’s truly. I mightn’t have made as much as the folks above, but almost two years ago I came up with the idea for WriteCome. A place where I could sell all my self-publishing products, and repost my daily emails.

Almost on its second anniversary, 23rd August, we’re coming up on almost 900 pieces of content. And that’s not including the ideas that went into the courses you enjoy.

If you want to make money, ideas are where it’s at…oh, and taking action on those ideas. Those 900 pieces didn’t create themselves….and these products
didn’t magically appear on their own. 

PS – Looking for an idea? Listen to what either you, or other people are complaining about, and come up with a solution.

The bigger the problem, the more there is to be made. Now off you pop, and go get that pen and paper.