It’s Like Riding A Bicycle… If You Know How

…if you’ve ever learned how to ride a bike, you know that moment that changed everything…

…for a second or two you were perfectly balanced, your little legs were pumping up and down furiously, and a big grin broke out on your

You’d conquered it. You’d finally learned how to ride your bike.

This moment usually ended in you running into something, falling over, or in my case…

…going around and around my father and a neighbor (in an ever decreasing circle) until I fell over at their feet.

Was I hurt? I can’t remember.

But from that point on I could looked the others kids in the eye and say I could ride a bike.

I’d made it. Oh yeah, I was one of the riding fraternity.

Even now forty years later, that moment is still stuck in my mind. That feeling that I achieved something. Something others found hard to do.

It was the same when it came to learning how to plot books.

Of course it wasn’t a turning point in my life, but it was a turning point in my confidence in myself.

I didn’t need to use a prewritten template anymore. My training wheels were off and I could take a story line, and a character, and put them through a series of events that kept readers going from one book to another.

And I could do it over and over again. In different genres if I wanted to.

How about you?

Want to ditch those writing training wheels?

Go here now.