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It’s Not Just Santa’s Elves That Are Getting Ready

…right now, all over the world, little mommies and daddies are downloading my free kindle book on how to make children’s picture books and wondering if they can really make kids books.

There must be a snag, right?

Could they really make children’s books and show their little Timmy and Tammy that anyone can be an children’s author?

Or is it just another dream they’ll never fulfil.

That’s why I’m calling on you …yes you…my little helper.

Like Santa, I wouldn’t be anywhere without my team of helpful helpers.

And this is your chance to help little Timmy and Tammy’s ma and pa take the plunge, and fulfil their long time dream of becoming an author, and inspiring their kids.

Laying it on thick, right?

But how, Barry, how can I help those poor, poor, people?

Easy, if you downloaded the book, could you take a moment to leave a review.

I got a wonderful one on the UK site, but the US is falling sadly behind, and I know how you Americans don’t like to be shown up.

So if you downloaded the book, and have a second or two, I’d love it if you could leave a review.

And I know Timmy and Tammy’s ma and pa would thank you too.

Don’t mention Timmy and Tammy in the review, I don’t want to ruin their Christmas gift.

Because who wouldn’t want a book written about them, right?

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