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It’s Not Really Your Fault, But No One Tells You This.

…when I started off on my little online adventure many years ago, I used to sell a little ebook about breathing techniques.

It was something I knew nothing about, and the book was in the public domain, so I didn’t even have to write it.

But I tidied the text up, made a cover for it….it was a horrible one, but it was the best I could do at the time…and I put a buy button on it.

There was no one more surprised than I was when it started to make sales.

The money wasn’t huge, but it proved to me that the dream was real, you could make money online.

Nowadays I know I wouldn’t be as successful if I kept doing what I was doing then.

My book cover would’ve needed a huge overhaul.

My copy writing skills would have needed work.

And I would’ve needed to build an email list.

Back then I was going from sale to sale. I never followed up with my customers. And I never made more products that I could offer to them.

But you learn from experience.

I’ve also learned that building an email list isn’t as easy as the guru’s would have you believe.

It’s not really your fault…but no one tells you this.

Everyone talks a big talk about building lists, but I know most marketers/authors couldn’t fill a room with their subscribers.

It’s also getting tougher.

– People are wary of you.
– People are lazy.
– And people are giving you fake emails.

But there’s a way to put the odds back in your favour.

This is what I’m using and it works for me.

If you’ve been to the WriteCome home page, you’ve probably seen it in action.

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