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It’s Simple…Not Easy

It's Simple...Not Easy
It’s Simple…Not Easy

…it’s simple to write a daily email.

It’s not easy doing it day after day.

It’s simple to record a podcast episode.

It’s not easy getting over your fear until you get a few under your belt.

It’s simple to sell a seven-buck report that’s filled with fluff.

It’s not easy to grow a business with that type of reputation.

All of the above are simple, but not easy.

Most people want both.

They want the simple with the easy.

They want the glitz of having an online business, but don’t want to do the work involved.

They want the buzz without the boredom.

They want the money without the monotony.

And that’s why they’ll never make it.

They think that just because their business is online, it’s different from having a bricks-and-mortar business.

They never think…

That’s there’s a reason why Joe, the guy that owns the corner store, pulls up the shutter every morning at six.

That there’s a reason why Sally, works long hours in her new hairdressing business, and can’t remember the last weekend she had off.

Both make money because they show up and do the work. – Even on days when they probably don’t want to.

That logic doesn’t compute with the home business hobbyists.

Sure, you may have the ability to automate, advertise your products to the world at a moment’s notice, but there are still ground rules you need to follow.

Those are showing up and doing your work.

Doing it on days when you don’t want to.

Doing it on days when the world isn’t going to give you a ‘Like’ and a ‘Share.’

Doing it when the world isn’t paying you any attention.

Doing it because you know it needs to be done.

Doing it because you know you’re building a business that’s going to take care of you in your later years.

Doing it because you see ‘Internet marketers’ fleecing newbies and leaving them with credit card debt. –  Sorry, a little rant in that one. 🙂 

That’s why you do it.

If you haven’t made a bean yet, my bet is it’s because you’re looking for the ‘Simple and Easy’ route.

And the longer you keep on that route, the longer you’ll have that zero balance in your PayPal account.

Hopefully, today’s email will slap someone back to reality.

Can’t say I didn’t try.

Now…if you’re fed up with the bull you’ve been fed, and actually want to create something you can be proud of…I’d take a digital walk this way.

Just be prepared there will be work involved. – This is a ‘hobby’-free zone.

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