It’s The Best Day Ever!

….and not just because it’s St Patrick’s day, when everyone and their cat wants to be Irish….but we’ve got the rugby too.

For those of you on the other side of the pond, rugby is big boy American football, because there’s no padding and you’ve got to run the ball to the touch down line ….none of those wussy 50 yards passes….no thanks.

And today’s final match is against England.

We’ve already beat France, Wales, Scotland, Wales and Italy. Now it’s our chance to go for the Grand Slam….and only England stand in our way.

And we’re playing them in England. Sweet!

Let’s just say if we win today it’s going to send the county into meltdown…as if they needed an excuse today.

So wherever you are today, you’re an honorary Irish man/woman, even if your only blood tie is that Irish cat on your granny’s side of the family, or that copy of ‘The Quiet Man’ you have on DVD, have a great day.

Oh, and if you want to hear a little Irish lilt today, check out the videos I posted on the Facebook page.

One of them is the story of how I got hit in the ass with a firework, another is drunken holiday planning and why you might want to give it a try. They’re worth checking out, especially just to see how I work a business lesson into each.

PS – And you have my full permission to share and even ‘Like’ the page…cos….good karma and stuff.

And if you do, St Patrick will bless you and your family. Hey, if he doesn’t do it today, when will he?