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It’s Time To Get Off The Hobby Horse

It's Time To Get Off The Hobby Horse
It’s Time To Get Off The Hobby Horse

…ever see one of those old hobby horses?

You know, the one where you throw your leg over the broom handle and go running around as if you’re on a racehorse?

Some people are like that online too.

‘I’ve got an online business,’ says he. – With a one-page website that he’s never sold a thing from.

‘I’m a self-published author,’ says she. – Who has a book but never tells the world about it.

‘I’m big into affiliate marketing,’ says he. – Who throws random hyperlinks on Twitter every five minutes and that’s it.

‘It’s all residual income for me,’ says she. – Losing count of how many random ‘businesses’ she’s built this week.


Nothing wrong with hobbies.

But don’t confuse it with having a business.

One makes money, the other doesn’t.

And yet every day, I bump into people that tell me they have, or want an online business, but think the rules don’t apply to them.

They don’t create products.

They don’t write books.

They don’t gather emails.

They don’t show up regularly.

They don’t focus on one thing.

And they don’t even tell anyone what they do.

But for them, that old ‘Walt Disney’ fairy is gonna drop by.

For them…’ It’s not someday my Prince will come,’ but ‘Someday the payments are gonna come.’

It ain’t gonna happen.

Running around slapping your thigh, pretending you’re riding the winner in the Grand National is fun. – But it’s not the same as the real thing.…

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