It’s Time To Move Away From The Knowledge Trough

…how would you regard your knowledge on what you do?





And your results? What are they like?

Do they match the wisdom in your noggin?

Or are they far below what you know?

Dexter Abraham once told a story of going to a series of Dan Kennedy masterminds and witnessing one of the attendees disappear each morning after listening to Dan for only a few hours.

Like most there, he grinned, assuming the man was throwing money away by not getting the full value of the mastermind.

But when it came to award time, months later, the part time attendee was called up and collected the winner’s trophy.

How come?

Well, the guy’s plan was simple. Take as much notes as he could on one to two pages, and then leave the room to put
that knowledge into action. And do it right there that day.

That part time knowledge, when acted on, put him way beyond the others.

And that’s probably what you need to do.

Feeding at the knowledge trough is all good and well, but it isn’t going to put money in your pocket.

It will when it’s acted on though.

So I’ll ask that question again, do you consider yourself a beginner, an intermediate, or an expert at what you do?

Are your results at that level?

If not, it’s time to go back to basics, and work the basics until they work for you.

The intermediate and advanced stuff can come later.

Take this course I made for beginners on keyword research.

It’s easy to rush ahead because you know it all, but if you don’t know this basic skill you’re creating content that’s either not wanted, or can never be found.

I’m pulling the course down this week, because it needs a revamp and the tool I talk about has a low cost for it’s
use. – But it’s still one of the best courses I made.

Keyword Research For Beginners.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Don’t let the price or the ‘beginners’ tag fool you.

There’s a lot of know-it-alls that don’t know how to do this basic task.

And their income shows for it.