It’s Time To Stop Being An Ass

…there’s an old fable that a lot of Internet folk would be wise to pay attention to and that’s Buridan’s ass.

The story goes that the donkey was stood between two buckets.

One filled with water, the other with food.

Not knowing which to go for, it spent all it’s time looking left and right.

It did it for so long, it fell over and died from hunger and dehydration.

A lot of people coming online are like that.

They wanna be a blogger this week, a social media consultant the next, and a expert on Tic Tok the week after.

All three never get their full attention and their results show for it. Then it’s off to find the next seven day distraction.

The best option….

….stick with one thing until you’ve got it nailed down. Then, and only then, do you move on to something else.

That’s if you want to.

But if you’re getting good results, why would you?

Offline folk don’t.

You’ll rarely find a hair dresser become mechanic. Or a baker, open a shoe store.

The online folk, they’re everything and nothing.

And that’s the results they’ll always have.


Go back and see what you spent on the most random of crap last year.

And then compare it to WriteCome…the only website that’s got everything in one place, and for one monthly price.

Whether you jump on board or not, I’ll still be here, working away at my bucket.

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Barry J McDonald.

PS – Truth be told, I’d rather you didn’t join, because I make more money from selling everything individually.

But you’d be an ‘ass’ to miss this offer!