It’s You.

…Randy Gage once told a story of going out for a meal with a couple he respected. Regaling them of his past history of woes which included ….being shot in a robbery, ….losing his business to a crooked partner …and owing a fortune to the IRS…his ‘friend’ stopped him in his tracks with this question.

‘Have you given any thought to what you’re doing to manifest all this?’

Understandably livid with the question, it stayed with him for the next few weeks.

But, the more thought he gave to it, the more he could see that it was true.

There was one person at the scene of each of those crime scenes….him.

He put himself in a situation where he could get shot. – Growing up on a diet of comic books, he always wondered what a gun shot would be like.

He picked the partner he went into business with.

And he didn’t make sure that his taxes got paid.

As Randy would readily admit, it’s tough medicine to take.

But sometimes if you want to get better, you gotta swallow the difficult pills.

You’re where you are, because that’s where you want to be.

Whether you want to be there or not, you’ve taken (or not taken) the actions you’ve taken. You’ve listened to folks that haven’t served you, or ignored the better advice of others that might have helped you.

You can blame Amazon.

You can blame the gurus.

Heck, you can blame your customers or readers.

But there’s one person that’s been at the scene of those crimes.


Barry J McDonald.

PS – Tried taking a spoonful of sugar with it…can’t say it helped much.