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I’ve Seen Plenty Of Dead People

I've Seen Plenty Of Dead People
I’ve Seen Plenty Of Dead People

….probably one of the most unusual blog titles you’ll find on Google today.

But it’s true.

Taking about the subject of funerals to Mrs. Mac the other day, it surprised us at how many funerals both of us were at when we were younger.

Her late aunt loved nothing more than going to a ‘good’ funeral for the craic and a chance to catch up on people she hadn’t seen in years.

Plus she’d wheel Catherine out to sing the odd song to lift the mood.

Me, on the other hand, seemed to go through a phase where everyone we knew was dropping like flies.

Not that I knew most of them, but I was forced to tag along. – Don’t know why my parents didn’t get a babysitter, but those were the days I suppose.

But if there’s one bad thing about a funeral, apart from being dead of course, is that you’re missing out on one of the best parties of your life.

Everyone that knew you, worked with you, or thought that you were a good one, would go out of their way to drop by. – And you’re not there to enjoy it. 

Although I heard of a man once that faked his death, so he wouldn’t miss out on that opportunity.

But the best funeral I ever heard of, was one I was glad I wasn’t at.

You see what happened was…

…an old woman had passed away in her chair. And due to rigamortis and dying in a seated position, they had to strap her body flat in her bed come funeral time.

Which was all fine and dandy, until two kids cut her free and she sat up in bed and freaked half the mourners out.

Had I been there I think I’d still be in counseling : )

But enough about talking about death.

Let’s talk about life.

And giving your little business the best chance of being around for a long time.

How do you do that?

By building an audience and talking to that audience on a regular basis.

You see, if you don’t remind people about you and your work, it’s very easy for them to forget about you.

And if they forget about you…they’ll probably buy somewhere else.

And that’s curtains.

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