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John Wayne Is Partly To Blame For This….

…. if you’ve never seen “The Quiet Man” movie, this email is going to pass over you head, but stick with me.

You see, John Wayne came to Ireland in the 50’s to make the movie along with Maureen O Hara.

The movie was a big success, but it also left a lot of people with the wrong impression of Ireland.

A cousin of Catherine’s found that out, when he spent time in the US as a student.

“You still live in them straw houses, right?”

“Eh, no, we live in normal houses like this one.”

“And shoes?”


“You don’t wear them.”


Yep, from that movie a lot of people thought we did nothing but drink, fight, and run around looking for leprechauns.

It’s like writing books.

To the non-authors out there, once you type “The End, on your book,” they think that little baby is going to fly off the shelf.

We know better.

It takes just as much work afterwards too.

But what should you do?

That’s where my new course is going to come in handy.

12 Ways To Sell More Books

Buy a copy today and I’ll even toss in a free leprechaun…..maybe even a pot of gold too.

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