Just Accept It, You’re A Big Failure.

…how do you handle failure?

How you answer that question reveals a lot about you, and whether you’ll ever be successful at what you’re doing.

Because, as Matt Furey says, the majority of your life is made up of failures.

You try something new, you screw up, learn a lesson, and then try again. – Only probably to fail again and learn something else you didn’t know.

I’m sure you can look back at your life and see it as a series of zig-zags, where, rather than making leaps forward in progress, you seem to go kinda sideways, but still end up better than you were before.

In most cases, it may seem that you’re off target, but you’ve made some progress.

For the majority of people though, they can’t handle that.

They want to get it right first time, they’re embarrassed about making a fool of themselves, and don’t see the little thing they’ve learned as anything to brag about.

It’s like the amateur golfer you see throwing his club away in frustration. – The professional though, usually walks on to take his next shot – and rather than focusing on how bad the earlier one went – is giving the next one 100% of his attention.

So don’t run away from failure.

As they say, the ones that make it to the top, fail quickly and often.

You can give up, because you can’t see yourself making any forward progress, or you can see it as just another zig on your path to getting to where you want to go to.

Now, while you can screw up and learn from it, you can also learn a lot from other people’s failures and examples.

Take, trying to work out how to plan your book, do a book cover, or create back end sales from your book.

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