Keep Your Distance!

…”You’re not your creation, and your creation isn’t you.”

Now, while that make makes sense to most of us. – The reality is a lot different.

You write a book and it bombs – You’re the idiot.

You write a blog post that no one comes over and reads – Why are you even trying this thing anymore?

You sell a handful of copies of your new course – What did you expect, it was a crap idea? 

In those moments, you take on that result as something that defines you.

You’re the idiot.

You’re the one that hasn’t got what it takes.

You’re the one that hasn’t got a clue.

The reality.

The book was poor, or didn’t hit the market at the right time.

The blog post mightn’t have been good enough, or on a topic that no one wanted to read.

The product mightn’t have been what your audience wanted, or the marketing and price were all wrong.

Now, while all of those creations came from you, they aren’t you….or should their value be linked to yours.

If you can’t step away from your book, you’ll constantly take exception to bad reviews and allow them to bring
you down.

If you can’t take a bad blog post on the chin, you’ll probably pack up your little wagon and never come back.

If you allow ‘poor sales to affect you, you’ll probably never create another one.

“You’re not your creation, and your creation isn’t you.”

If I let my bad ideas get me down, heck, neither of us would be here on this email right now.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – I’d like to give full credit to Laura from Coffee With Dan for today’s email.

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