Kevin Smith Made Me Do It…

…whether you know, or like him, Kevin Smith had a big influence on what I do nowadays.

I used to listen to his ‘crude and often hilarious’ podcasts while I used to work nights stacking shelves.

When you’ve got ten hours of mind numbing work to do, you look forward to anything to take the drudgery out of it.

Kevin’s podcasts were that for me. His down to earth, anyone can do the things I can do attitude, was drummed into my head over and over again.

His quote of “Why not?” took me out of the comfort zone I was in.

Why couldn’t I publish a book?

Why couldn’t I talk to camera and teach someone something?

Why not?

Kevin had a lucky one yesterday, and avoided a meeting with
the man upstairs, when he had a massive heart attack on stage.

He said that he always had a fear of dying, but when he came close to it, he said he was surprisingly calm.

Although he was leaving a wife and daughter behind….he was happy with all he’d accomplished.

And I’d put it all down to his Why Not attitude.

So how about you?

What’s holding you back?

What if you actually did it?

None of us is going to live forever.

So what changes can you make in your life and those that listen
to you?

“Why Not?”

Two words that have a lot of power in them.