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Knowing And Knowing, Which One Are You?

Way back when I was small, I have a favourite catchphrase. Anytime anyone explained anything to me or tried to show me something, I answered it with a ‘Sure I know that.’

Where I got it from, or when I stopped using it I’ll never know. But I’d imagine what started off as being something cute, started to get grating after a while. – Because who wants to be around someone that knows it all?

And yet, while I’m sure the rest of the world didn’t have that big headedness I had at that age, how many of us go around thinking that we know it all? 

And yet our results would argue that case. 

We ‘know’ that writing a book is going to require a lot of bum-in-seat time, and yet we’re off finding any distraction that can keep us away from our desk

We ‘know’ that there’s no such thing as instant results, and then go off looking for some magical piece of software that’s going to build our business for us.

We ‘know’ that getting a result that we’ve never had, means having to do actions we’ve never done before, and then we don’t take those actions because they’re outside our comfort zone.

We ‘know’ that building something worthwhile is going to be a long slow process, and then get frustrated that one week’s worth of blog posts isn’t doing it for us. 

We ‘know’ that our money is going to come from other people, and yet we hide behind a shopping cart, never email our followers, and try to have as little dealing with people as possible. 

All the above are things we know, and yet our actions tell a different tale.

The great Bob Proctor once said that we don’t really ‘know’ something until when we can explain it to someone else. It’s through having to explain and answer their questions that we can prove that we really know. – And if we can’t, well then it’s time to study it some more.

So how much do you really know? 

And if you know what’s involved, why aren’t you taking those actions?

We all do it. 

Smoking when we know it’s bad for us. Eating food that we know isn’t going to help us lose weight. And asking our neighbours for medical advice, even though we know they’re not a doctor. 

There’s a difference between ‘knowing, and ‘knowing.’

‘Sure I know that!’

Chances are good, we’re not even close.

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