Ladies….Take A Bow!

…ah…International Ladies Day.

While it’s a good thing, it’s sad that it has to be celebrated, what with all women do that they aren’t given credit for.

No, I’m not kissing butt here….but as the saying goes, the hand that rocks the cradle is the one that rules the world.

And if you’re not rocking cradles, the women around us play a large role in our lives.

Listening to the radio today, the usual schpeel came out again about women not getting a fair crack of the whip and not getting equal pay.

And from what I heard, it’s going to take 200 years before society catches up and puts both sexes on a equal footing. 

And it got me to thinking?

Why fight the system? Why wait for your boss to look favourably on you to give you a raise?

Start your own gig.

The world offline mightn’t be fair to the opposite sex, but the online one gives you a fairer chance……..if you discount the porn industry.

But seriously….creating your own blog….books….products….videos …can make you more money than any male orientated workplace.

So if that isn’t a good enough reason to get busy with your laptop, I don’t know what is?

So ladies, I salute you. You deserve more than one day…now go out there, make something good….and go give the male world a virtual two fingers.

Might even be an idea for a coloring book. 🙂

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