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Larry, Penny, Casey, Barbara, Carson, or Fred, Need Not Apply

Larry, Penny, Casey, Barbara, Carson, or Fred, Need Not Apply
Larry, Penny, Casey, Barbara, Carson, or Fred, Need Not Apply

…if someone was to ask me about the type of person I’d hate having as a WriteCome member it would be this bunch…

Laptop Larry – He’s someone who thinks he’ll be able to sit at the beach all day and work from there. He’s seen the image on a sales letter and believes that it must be true.

Push Button Penny – She thinks pushing a button on a piece of software is a business. (And that it’ll last for more than five minutes.) She’s a big believer in throwing random links on social media 24/7 because it’s got work every now and then.

Complicated Casey – He’s someone who thinks that having 15 funnels with a hundred steps in each is the way to go. It’s ‘Make it complicated or I’m out of here.’

Bandwagon Barbara – She loves jumping on the latest bandwagon trend because she’ll have a head start on the crowd. Problem is, she hasn’t even mastered the basics yet…but at least she’s ahead of the crowd.

Comfort Zone Carson – Someone who believes in staying hidden behind an avatar picture and not putting himself out there is the way to go. His motto is ‘Marketing is for other people, my stuff will sell itself.’ Problem is, he doesn’t realize that he’s right where is because he’s hiding behind the digital couch.

Freebie Fred – His greatest achievement, he’s filled three hard drives with reports, videos, and eBooks he’ll never look at or take action on. Fred’s the equivalent of a hoover, sucking as much free content off the web as he can. He’s got ten fake email addresses and loves nothing more than putting them in opt-in boxes. He thinks that this proves he’s smarter than everyone else, but doesn’t realize it’s him that’s the dummy.

One day he’ll find something that’ll change his life…


I could go on.

Back in my MLM day’s the head of our group once gave us a piece of advice that’s still stayed with me.

“Don’t sell your weight loss kits to people that don’t put in the work.” – In fact, give them their money back and take the kits off them.’

He then told us of doing that very thing with his own mother.


She was a bad advertisement for his product.

The kits worked, but only if you followed the plan.

That’s the way I look at the WriteCome membership.

The daydreamers, the lottery-minded, the ‘I’ll start next week’, people are a waste of my time and effort.

They’ll never do anything.

They’ll never achieve anything.

And they’ll blame it on everyone but themselves.

I’d rather those folks kept their monthly subscription for lottery tickets.

Because that’s what they want, a business where you don’t have to treat it as a business.

Like my motto below says, I want people to be unicorns in their marketplace.

Not copycats.

If you’re any of the above, I hear there’s a big rollover in the Lotto this week, keep your money.

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