Lead Magnet Ideas

Lead Magnet IdeasLead Magnet Ideas

If you’ve ever wanted to create great lead magnets, then you’re reading the right article. That’s because you’re about to discover five easy ideas you can use to create a lead magnet that your audience is going to love.

1 – Find Out What Your Audience Wants – What is a popular topic in your niche that wasn’t covered in your book, but would help your audience? A new parenting book, could have an addition FAQ report with all the most popular parenting questions answered on it. A children’s Christian book could have a list of other activities for bedtime, like a book on reflection, a children’s gratitude journal that parents can print off and use at the end of the day.

Or a list of lesser known book sites that Christian parents should know about. An exercise book could have a list of the best fat burning exercises, YouTube videos, or blog posts that readers should read. If you’re not sure what your audience is looking for, do a search on Google.com or use a website like AskThePublic.com for ideas.

2 – Give A Companion Book Away – If your niche is weight loss and you’ve just written a book on the Paleo diet, what reader wouldn’t want to get a free copy of a Paleo recipe book? If your main book was an exercise book targeted toward men, the supplement could be “21 Ways To Get Bigger Arms.” For women it could be, “How To Build A Curved Behind In 21 Days Without Going To The Gym.”

Although this report/book is a supplement, write it as if you were going to charge for it. Give great content that readers can use and they’ll thank you for it. And pay attention to your report’s title. You don’t want to write a great report and have it scuppered with a weak and unappealing title. Give it as much thought as you would if it were a real book. For ideas on what to call your report, go here.

3 – Give Written Content Away Free – I’ve said it lots of times, free goes far. Making content to give away can seem like the worst thing you can ever do, it also takes up your time, but bear with me on this. You’ve just read a book, loved it, and there’s a prequel that’s only available on the author’s website. Or a short story detailing how two characters came to team up in the first place.

Or a supplement chapter that details what character C did when they vanished from chapter 2 and came back in chapter 6. What did they do when they left the book’s story-line? Or maybe they didn’t come back, but fans loved them. Could their story branch off from the main one and become a book of their own? If it’s popular, you’ve just got your next book series. Think along the lines of the latest Star Wars movies. They’ve created prequels, sequels, and now character spin offs from one movie. Why can’t you do the same and give some of it away free.

4 – Give Image Content Away Free – Who could turn down giving their email address in exchange for two free (digital) coloring books that they could print out at home? Or how about ideas on setting up a coloring book group where friends all meet up for a chat and color books. You could create a set of images for their first coloring book meet up? How about birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving themed images you could offer for free?

Or how about a child friendly version of one of your adult books (with larger spaces and less detail) and give away a parent and child package? Even if your books aren’t coloring books, you can still use images as a giveaway. Written a motivational book? What’s stopping you from creating great images and giving them away. It could be desktop wallpapers with motivational quotes (or daily tips on them) to keep your readers on track every time they sit at their PC, or smaller images for smart phone homepages.

5 – Have A Competition – Sign up today for a chance to win my course valued at $97. Sign up today for a chance to win twenty coloring books. Sign up today to win a chance to get your child in our next book. Sign up today for a chance to win a t-shirt with your favorite character on it. Sign up today to get my complete back catalogue for free. Tempted to sign up for any of those? How about your readers? How much you want to give away or how often, is totally up to you. But the rule of the competition is that you have to give a valid email address.

All winners will be notified by email only and if you get no reply you’ll pick someone else. Think maybe people would give you a valid email address and keep an eye out for any messages from you? Once the competition’s over, you’ve got an excuse to email everyone showing them the competition winner. And rather than having everyone leave disappointed, you can give a smaller prize to give everyone. You can create physical products using websites like Printful.com or Cafepress.com for competition prizes and post the winning product out from there.

Lead Magnet Ideas

Finally, test and track everything. Test the wording on the invitation page of your book. Try rotating them around and see which gets the most clicks. You can do this using free software like Bit.ly (by creating a new short link for each link) and keep track of the results on the Bit.ly dashboard, or use other tracking software like Uptrack to measure your results. Then test how popular your downloads are. Which report, story, or image giveaway is popular with your audience.

Then simply get rid of the weaker and non performing ones. You can and should also have images of your free products in both your book and giveaway page. It’s one thing to have just give a hyperlink on your page, it’s another to have a hyperlink along with an image of the book, screen shot of a video, or sample of the image, you’re giving away. Make it as appealing as you can so your reader can’t say no to it.

Although this article is on the topic of lead magnets, don’t be disheartened if your audience doesn’t jump on everything you give away. If you find readers aren’t downloading your material that doesn’t mean you’ve lost them forever.

Ask if they’d be willing to follow you on Facebook, or like your Facebook page. Even if they don’t, you can set up a Facebook pixel on your download page so you can add them to your audience. (Note – Even if you’re not using Facebook ads right now, still do it. Who knows you may use ads in the future and and you can target those people then.)

And if they leave without leaving their email, offer something for free that doesn’t require a sign up. If it’s a free story, have links inside it of your website, where your other books are on sale, and also your download page so they can return again. Just because they didn’t sign up the first time, doesn’t mean they won’t on a second visit.

Who knows why they didn’t sign up first time? Maybe they weren’t sure of you, didn’t trust you, or were just stuck for time? By at least giving them something you have a little leverage which is better than none at all.

Now go and do something with what you’ve learned.

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