Let’s Be Honest Here

….seems everyone is lying to each other when it comes to social media.

I know, imagine that?

But it’s not the blatant lies we tell our so called friends about that work promotion, or that amazing holiday we’re going on, …but the content we share.

You know that article on that cancer breakthrough, or the science article that’s going to blow your
followers minds…those ones you’re sharing.

Seems everyone loves sharing that stuff, but no one actually reads it.

Although they’re widely shared, the click through rates for science and health stuff is about 9%.

On the other hand, celebrity and entertainment gets a 2% share, but 40% of clickers actually read the articles.

What does that tell you?

We’re all a bunch of fakers who want to show the world that we’re intelligent, hence we share those science articles.

God forbid we should share an article about a wart on Kanye West’s butt.

I mean, what would our friends think?

Thing is, this is the stuff our friends are actually reading.

Same with your emails, you may think that high brow is the way to go because it looks good.

But is that what your list wants?

As I said before, just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean that it’s the right thing to do.

So the next time your friend sends you an article by Stephen Hawking, ask them if they’ve read it.

If they say they have…well…you and I know better.

Go here and create some low brow content for your emails that get opened and read.

Another reason to doubt all that bragging on FakeBook