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Let’s Be Honest, Ideas Are Worthless

…I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen the following, in some shape or form, on Twitter.

‘I’ve got a great book idea, but I’m afraid if I tell anyone it’ll get robbed.’

‘I’ve got a great idea, but I’m holding off for the right moment to take action.’

‘I’ve got a great idea that I know people are going to rave about.’

Which is all laughable when you think about it.


…If someone does steal your book idea they’ll write their version of that idea….not yours.

…there is no right time to take action on an idea. – If you got the idea today, then today is the right time to act on it.

…chances are good that idea is terrible and you won’t know until people see it for themselves.

Ideas are ten a penny.

…And when did we ever think that we were the only ones to come up with that idea?

Because chances are good someone has either thought of it before and not acted on it, or three people around the world are working on it right now as we speak.

How valuable are ideas? – Not very.

But what is valuable….is the execution of ideas.

That’s the difference between the person that made the gadget, and the person moaning about seeing their idea in the local store.

So stop treating your ideas are something precious, or that you’re the only one that’s had it, it ain’t so.

If you’ve got an idea

Go act on that idea

And see if it works.

Then you’ll know how valuable it was.

I know for a fact that limiting sales on a product has been done before….so I can’t claim to be the first to do it here.

But sometimes you can make great money piggybacking off other people’s ideas.

What to use my ideas?

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