Let’s Cut The Bull For A Minute…

Let's Cut The Bull For A Minute...
Let’s Cut The Bull For A Minute…

….back when I was a lot younger, and a TV nut… Catherine reckons I must have never gone outside as a kid… I used to watch the old silent Harold Lloyd show.

I think it was something cheap RTE bought as a filler between shows.

But watching him hanging off wall clocks, the back of a speeding fire engine, or the roof of a bus kept me riveted to the screen.

Like watching Mr Bean, you didn’t need to know what he was thinking or saying it was all there on the screen. You could see it in his actions.

Nowadays, we’ve gone completely the opposite way with Michael Bay explosions, CGI, and people surviving falls and injuries that no human ever could.

Yet, we’re expected to see that as normal.

That to me is where social media and most people are online.

They put on a great CGI show of a life or a business but it’s an empty sound stage with a few props and a laptop.

But turn down all that distraction and watch them on silent mode, and you’d see the truth. – It’s all smoke and mirrors and they talk a great game.

Actions, as Ed Mylett would say, are where you see what people are like.

It’s not what they say they do, but what they do that you need to pay attention to.

The same goes for you.

You’re probably putting on a show for yourself and those around you.

You’re talking a big game, but don’t even put on your boots to take part.

You’re going to have a great online business, but haven’t bought a domain name.

You’re going to be financially free, but haven’t created anything to sell.

If most people were a silent black-and-white movie you’d see a whole new side to them.

You’d see what they really think of themselves and their businesses.

Actions are where we learn a lot about you.

It’s not what you say you’re going to do, it’s actually what you do that matters.

How about shutting up, and showing us instead today?

This man made a lot of money by sending out simple emails to his list.

You could talk about making money online, or you could follow his actions and show us instead.

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