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Let’s Face It, You’re Not Right In The Head

….well you’re not.


Compared to what other people do, writing a weird profession..

I mean, follow along with me here.

If you’re a fiction writer..

“Oh boy, you’ve got to hear this story I’ve got for you.”

“About what?”

“It’s about this made up world…about a guy and a girl….and they’re fighting these people…then they’re being chased by this guy over here…the guy doesn’t know that his father…is dead but he will near the end…when the witch…”



“You come up with a story…about a magical land…or a crummy world…or whatever it is …with made up characters……..and I should take the time to listen to you?”


“Well, thank God for that.”

“No. I want you to pay me for it.”

Now I’m only exaggerating here. But it does make you wonder, what type of person would put themselves through something like this.

And even if you’re not into fiction, and you’re still writing to earn money, most times you don’t have anything visible to show someone.

Compared to a brick layer, plumber, or carpenter, you can show others the fruits of your labor.

With writing…especially it’s a rough draft, the last thing you want is to show it to anyone.


…compared to plumbers, brickies, and chippies, you don’t need to go looking for work.

You want work, you fire up your laptop and start typing. You don’t need any planning permission, state regulations or anything else limiting what you can do.

The only limit is you.

So what are you going to use today to make money?

Writing articles?
Kids picture books?
Kids work books?

Those choice is yours.

PS – Still think you’re right in the head?

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