Let’s Face It….You’re Your Own Worst Enemy

…you doubt yourself.

You put others on pedestals, and then gladly dig a hole for yourself.

You’ll throw hurdles in the way where there were none before.

And you’ll put that thing off until that ‘ideal’ right time that never comes around.

I did that for the longest time.

I didn’t write books.

I didn’t have a podcast.

I didn’t have a digital product.

Heck, I didn’t even do a Facebook live until recently.

I could have done any one of those things a long time ago.

The person that held me back, was me.

I wanted to have all of those things…and yet it was ‘me’ that held me back.


I was my own worst enemy.

And you’re doing the same too.

You could be a fiction writer, a pod-caster, blogger, or own your own high ticket digital product….but you’re stopping yourself.


You may have a list of reasons as long as your arm…but it’s you pulling those puppet strings in the background.

Ones that are tying you up.

Listen in to an old episode of the WriteCome podcast where I explain five things I discovered when I started writing and publishing books. 

Barry J McDonald.

PS – It’s time to wake up from all the bull you’ve been telling yourself.