Let’s Put That Noggin Of Yours To Work

…if you’re like most people, you give your brain a free pass most of the time.

Because let’s face it, it’s easier to look at other people’s solutions than coming up with your own one.

How do I sell more books? – I’ll look that one up on YouTube.

What should I sell next? – I’ll just copy what my competition is selling.

But each time you do that, you’re always late to the party, or hanging out in places that everyone else is already in.

Take planners for an example. Say, you’re selling a planner on better eating habits.

The easiest thing is to throw one up on Amazon because that’s what everyone’s doing.

But for those that buy them, there’s a world of people that don’t, or know how useful they can be for recording their daily eating habits.

So where are ‘they’ hanging out?

Three places to start are, weight loss groups, mum and parenting forums, Q&A sites like Quora.com

And what about the questions those people are asking? What are your potential buyers typing into Google?

– How can I stick to a healthy diet?
– How can I stop comfort eating?
– How can I lose stubborn weight?
– What’s a healthy way to lose weight?

A series of articles, written by you and on your site, could guide that audience to buying your healthy eating planner
on Amazon.

Or even a free report could highlight how good your planners could be for them.

How many of the planner folk are doing that? I’d be surprised if even a handful are.


It’s something they never thought about.

It’s monkey see, monkey do.

Follow the follower.

And most of the time the folk at the front aren’t thinking at all and running on autopilot.

It’s time to dust off that noddle of yours and put it to work.

Put yourself in a typical customer’s shoes.

What are they asking?

Where are they?

How can you show the benefit of your product?

Yeah, it’s homework. But if no one else is doing it, you can imagine how that’s going to help your business.

Time to get that thinking cap on.

And here’s a way to get paid for making your customer do all the thinking.

Barry J McDonald.