Let’s Put These Email Myths To Bed Once And For All

…this week I read an email from a well known Internet marketer and the new super duper autoresponder service he’s offering.

Giving you everything, such as high deliverability, premade email subject lines, and more, it sounds like a a marketer’s dream come true.

But is it really?

Now, while I haven’t tried the software,  or have any compulsion to do so, I thought I’d put some of the common email myths to bed once and for all.

High Deliverability – While it can seem really dandy to have 100% of your emails go out to 100% of your list, does it really matter? If no one knows, likes, or trusts you, how’s that going to help?

High Converting Subject Lines – Seen as the be all and end all, this terms gets bandied around without any thought. Because, if you think about it, how can a high converting subject line that someone else used, be any good for you?  – It’s like a guy with bad breath and bad fashion sense, trying to use a chat up line that worked well for a Chippendale.  – Again, knowing, liking, and trusting, goes a long way to getting your emails opened and read.

High Converting Templates – Again, like high converting subject lines, if me no liking you, me no reading your emails.

A/B Split Testing – See any of the sections above for an answer to this one.

To cut a long story short, or to cut this blog post back to just quick reading material for your loo break, none of that technology matters a fig.

The one and only golden rule you need to remember when it comes to email marketing is this….never forget that there’s a human being on the other side.

That’s it.

It’s just a one sided conversation.

It’s not templates, A/B testing, or a hundred other things that marketers use to try and trick their subscribers to open their emails.

It’s just be yourself.

Here’s what I use every day to help you get to know 
me better.

PS – And that’s another thing they don’t tell you….how do you write all those emails you’re supposedly going to make money from?

Now that’s genius!

Bit like selling you a Ferrari with an empty gas tank…or telling you where the nearest gas pump is.  🙂

You can be a clone…or you can use this.