Let’s Put This Customer Under The Microscope For A Minute.

…this email made my day today and I thought I would share it with you….there’s a learning lesson in it for you.

So here goes…


“The course is good but outdated. I am sorry. I need my money back. Please refund me.

Here is my receipt….


I look forward to receiving my money back.”


Now, a little backstory….this was an email from someone that bought my ‘Super Simple Coloring Book’ course.

Now while everyone is entitled to their opinion and a refund…there’s a lot you can learn from this guy.

“Good, But Outdated.”

Means I already have a hard drive filled with better stuff than yours, but I’m still buying stuff to feed my ‘shiny object’ addiction….I’m looking for something else I won’t take action on.

‘I Need My Money Back. Please Refund Me.’

Means I’m totally broke, can’t afford to lose the twenty seven bucks I paid for this. Heck, when I get it back I’ll probably toss  it onto the next thing to feed that itch I can’t scratch, or take action on.

‘I Look Forward To Receiving My Money Back.’

Dude, I’m skinter than skint.  I also don’t know how to make money from the ‘better’ stuff I didn’t take action

Now, whether this guy is a serial refunder, looking to feed his addiction, and thinks a ready made business is going to fall into his lap….

Or someone that buys everything from everyone, and then puts it all on a ‘membership’ website that they charge seven bucks to join…

(I’ve been the victim of both of those scams.)

You can learn a lot from ole Mohammed’s email.

He’s not the kinda person I want to deal with.

Broke, won’t take action, and can’t read a sales letter properly.

Toss in the fact that he tried to buy it as an affiliate, to get it half price and couldn’t do that right. And
well, it’s all downhill from there.

You gotta love having an online business.

Speaking of online businesses, and running a proper membership, I’m opening up the WriteCome membership again for new members.


Although it contains, said useless course, there are a few that well worth the membership alone.

But if you’re a guy like Mohammed, counting your pennies, and are looking to fill a hard drive with content you’re not going to use….it’s not for you.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – The guys over on WarriorPlus are probably a better bet for you.

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