Let’s Stop Pretending

…although I haven’t watched Spongebob in years, there’s an episode that still makes me smile. – The episode where Spongebob and Patrick find an empty box.

And, as any good Spongebob episode shows you, things aren’t all as they seem to be. Because the pair get so lost in their imagination that sounds and noises start to come from the box. – At one point, Squidward coming out to ruin their fun recoils in horror at the screaming and crying coming from inside it.

Now, we can laugh along and say what great imagination both the characters and creators of the show had, but what about you?

What imaginary scenario are you telling yourself today?

‘I can’t write a book, because I’ve never written one before.’

‘I can’t do videos for TikTok.’

‘I can’t start this online business yet, because I don’t have the right laptop.’

‘I can’t have a podcast because I’m too old.’

And you’ll play that part so well, that you can easily convince yourself and others that it’s true.

And like that cardboard box, Spongebob and Patrick had, you’ll play within the restrictions of that world.

You could have done that thing, but ‘this’ was in your way.

I know from experience that all of the above wasn’t true.

No one wrote in my family and yet I was able to write a popular kids’ book series.

I could, believe it or not, hold a phone up to my face and record some videos for TikTok.

I didn’t need a better laptop but just needed to start.

And the podcast part, let’s just say making hundreds of podcast episodes have put that one to bed too.

Sometimes you don’t realize you’re in an imaginary box until you test it. But when you do, you’ll realize that the story you told yourself was only real because you wanted it to be that way.

You can be anything in that box of yours.

How about making it a great adventure than a sorry story for yourself?

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