Let’s Talk About Basics For A Moment

...”I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” – Bruce Lee

Yesterday, I got a request for a refund. Happen’s from time to time – you can’t please everyone – but the reason why made me laugh.

“I’d like you to refund the $27 I paid for this course. It is far too basic for my level of experience.”

Why did it make me laugh?

Well for one, he didn’t read the sales letter, and jumped to the buy button. – If he had, he would’ve seen that I wasn’t giving away any complicated process.

And two, “I’m too advanced” for your course.

Advanced? Was he looking for complicated software? A series of videos where I made him jump throw hoops before he finally made his way to Nirvana? Or was it that if it’s not advanced, then the info isn’t worth anything?

Bruce Lee said it well when he said the basics matter. – Not 10,000 kicks – ONE kick.

I once read of a successful basketball coach who’s first lesson was to make sure all his players could tie up their boots properly.

No drills….no throws….it’s get down and learn how to tie your laces. Once you learn that, we’ll move on to the next step.

Didn’t matter how good the players were, everyone had to do it.

Strong basics, like a strong foundation, is what you can build a strong business on.

– Or you can make everything complicated, look for complicated ways to do some thing, because it looks clever, or you call yourself an expert.

I don’t think Bruce Lee ever called himself an expert.

And if you’ve seen his one punch video on YouTube I think you’d say that that basic one punch was a killer one.

Want to see my ‘too simple to follow’ course?

Click here.

And yeah, it’s basic to show up every day, write a few words, write a few posts, make a couple of videos, and the like. – All basic stuff, but I think the WriteCome site’s filling up with a lot of pretty good content.

But I’m no expert, so maybe I’m wrong.