Like Being Cool And Comfortable?

…if there’s one thing the seven dollar folk love selling to their punters it’s the cool and comfortable lifestyle. – No risks, no pressure, take home all the cash.

Now, compare that to something Dan Kennedy once wrote about in one of his No B.S books.

Everyone talks about how much the CEO makes compared to the worker drone on the assembly line.

– ‘It’s not right.’
– ‘They shouldn’t make so much.’
– ‘How can they look at themselves in the mirror.’


– None of them consider the tough path the CEO took to get to where they are.
– The fact that they’re the face of the company.
– That if, said drone, decides to leave out three screws, meaning the product falls apart in the customers hand, it’s the CEO’s head that’s on the chopping block.

While it’s great making the big bucks, it comes with a price tag. Getting out of your comfort zone. Doing things others aren’t willing to do. And sometimes having spectacular failures in public.

But if you’re gonna work in the kitchen, be prepared for the heat. If you’re not, then maybe the kitchen isn’t the place for you.

If you’ve spent all year living the ‘cool and comfortable’ lifestyle, don’t be surprised if you round out this year with the same results as last year’s.

You’re better than that…but whether you want to push yourself, that’s up to you.

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*Drones need not apply.