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Live Life With The Lights Off

….what would you do if you could do something and nobody would ever know?

Now I’m not talking about the crime of the century…but in your life.

You know…something where friends, family, even people you worked with would never know you did it.

What would you do?

Create a blog?

Write a novel?

Anything else?

What’s stopping you?

Is it the friends, family and co-workers excuse?

You can picture yourself doing it, but as soon as they enter the picture, it’s quickly packed away before anyone sees it.

Maye you’re afraid of failing in front of them?

Heck, maybe you’re thinking I’m going to judge you?

Thing is…

…anyone that makes you think like that, doesn’t have an opinion you should care about.

But that doesn’t mean you should give up and not try. Do as I said, “Live life with the lights off.”

Hide behind a pen name, do work at a coffee shop where no one knows you, and look for people who will support you.

I’ll be the first to say that there are days when I think I’m the only one going through what I do.

Questing what I’m doing, doubting my sanity in not having a full time job, and on and on…

…but I know there are others out there too.

If you need help, guidance, or a little pat on the behind to get you moving…drop by the Facebook page and say “Hi!”

I promise I don’t bite.

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So today’s lesson, if you can’t live life with the lights on…do it with the lights off instead.

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