Living Outside The Goldfish Bowl

…the other day I was listening to the radio when an ad came on, asking us to support our local off licence this Easter.

‘Stock up for Easter,’ it said.

Only taking the odd drink now and then, that slogan stopped me in my tracks. – Do we really need stocking up? Stocking up for what? Is it ‘end of days’ time, and  I missed the bulletin?

Now to some people out there, that probably hit home and they went running off with credit card in hand.

And so it is with living outside the goldfish bowl.

Looking in from the outside, it’s hard to understand why people think and act the way they do.

– It’s the reformed smoker that’s trying to get everyone to quit.
– It’s the once overweight person that’s trying to educate everyone about the calorie content in everything.

In your world, you think everyone else is insane. To them, it’s you that’s lost the plot.

Thing is, mad and all as those people seem at times, if you give them the benefit of doubt and look at things through their eyes you can see that they’re talking sense.

That’s one thing I hope my products do for folks out there.

Take writing as an example.

Most people out there would love to write a book, but they can’t see how it’ll ever happen. Instead they look in from the outside and think it must be nice for all those people inside.

Now, if I said it was something that anyone could do, even if they flunked English class, I’d still get a…’Nah!’ I don’t believe that.’

If that’s what they thought, I’d send them over here.

PS – And before they knew it, they’d have a book in the Amazon store.
Hard to believe, right?