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L@@K At Me M@, I’m An Internet M@rketer

L@@K At Me M@, I'm An Internet M@rketer

…now the other day, I got the weirdest-looking email.

Filled with more ‘!’ and ‘@’ than you could shake a stick at, I couldn’t resist contacting the guy back to tell him he wasn’t doing himself any favors.

‘I use all those symbols so I can get past the spam filters.’ he replied.

I told him it was because his writing looked like spam, that it was triggering the spam filters.

Lo and behold, the next day’s email was just as bad if not worse.

Knowing he was beyond help, I unsubscribed, wondering how he thought he was going to build any type of online business that way.

And that’s the thing, you can give people the best advice.

Tell them that they need to stop listening to that little voice in their head.

Tell them they’re only going to get one go on this ride called life, and maybe it’s worth doing something with it.

And they’ll smile, nod their head, and tell you’re so right.

‘Yeah, I must.’ they’ll say.

And tomorrow they’ll still be there doing nothing.

And sometimes I wonder,  what’s it going to feel like knowing you pissed a good life away?

That all you can look back on is a life filled with excuses, than a life filled with achievements.

Regret is a big hole, and one that all the excuses in the world will never fill.

I know you can do more.

You know you can do more.

Hopefully, you’ve got more sense than my !nternet M@rketing friend.

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