Look at me Ma!….I’m on top of the world!

Look at me Ma!....I'm on top of the world!

….I didn’t see that moment from that Jimmy Cagney film until years later….but that’s how I felt.

My little knobbly knees were pumping furiously up and down on the pedals and I’d a big grin on my face.

If you’ve already heard me mention this story, you know how it ends….badly.

Starting off in a wide circle, I kept going in ever decreasing circles until I fell off at the feet of my father and next door neighbor.

A little frustrating…but I’d done it, I’d rode a bike for the first time.

Same probably for you, riding bikes, learning to drive, even bringing up kids….the first time you did it, you sucked at it.

But the more you did it, the better you got at it, and now…now you’ve got a life skill you’ll always have.

Doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can hop on a bike, jump behind the wheel… and have a crying baby with a dirty diaper cleaned faster than a Grand Prix team can change a set of wheels.

Nobody can take that away from you.

Same for me and email. I can write an email, sometimes in ten minutes, and send to you from anywhere in the world.

But there’s a probably with email.

It’s one thing to build a list, it’s another thing to be able to talk to your list.

And I’m not talking about the ‘I’ve got a product, go buy it’….boring as paint drying, emails that most people send to you.

But an email that’s written by someone with a pulse and a personality.

Thing is, it’s not very hard to do.

So if you’ve got subscribers sitting in limbo, looking for someone to shine a light into their inbox, do them a favor and go here.


It’s a life skill that’ll pay for itself over and over again.

PS – A word of warning though, it’s going up in price when it’s released to Joe Public on Monday.

Just don’t tell Joe you got it this cheap.