…having young kids is a good excuse to go to movies you probably wouldn’t get away with on your own.

I mean, picture a 6ft 3 guy sitting alone at a kids matinee. Not only would I get strange looks, I’d probably have a few parents pulling their kids closer to them.


I love the Disney Pixar movies, not only because they’re well done, but I’ve lot of happy memories tied to them.

I remember my second son’s excitement as the first Cars movie began…he was jumping around on his booster seat like he was on a space hopper.

My daughter’s favorite used to be Finding Nemo. We had it on VHS and it was on a constant loop.

Me…I’ve always loved UP.

Not only for the message that you’re never too old to follow your dream…but for Doug the dog.

Doug is one of those faithful dogs that would follow you anywhere, and he’s also got the added feature of being able to talk, through a voice box fitted on his collar.

Doug’s also got a problem with squirrels.

Going from giving you his full attention, once Doug thinks he sees a squirrel he’s gone.

Running after something that’s usually never there.

It’s like a lot of people, probably even you.

They buy something, make a little progress with it, and next thing you know, someone shouts ‘Squirrel’ and they’re gone, running after the next bright shiny object.

That keeps them amused until the next ‘Squirrel’ comes along.

That’s one reason I started the membership at WriteCome.com.

By putting products that are closely related, and complement each other, every member has the best chance at sticking to what they’re doing and making progress toward their goal.

And they also get that same BSO adrenaline rush when the next month’s products drop.

November’s products have just dropped.

You can started by clicking here.

I’m not even going to mention the price because it’s a no-brainer.

If you’re on the fence …tot up what you spent on products this month, ones that are never going to be used.

Chasing ‘squirrels’ can be a costly business. Not just in wasted money, but time you’ll never get back.