Looking For Some Much Needed Attention?

…there’s nothing that grabs more attention than a screaming two year old having a strop.

They run around, red in the face, looking for something they’re probably not going to get…..and that’s only the adult.

The child on the other hand, knows if they keep it up long enough, and don’t hyperventilate, they know that onlookers will sway things their way.

If you’re like most authors and book creators, you’re looking for some attention too….but I know you don’t want to do it like a 2 year old.

Thing is, two year old always get attention.

Your 2-D images and book trailers, mightn’t be though.

Want to get more attention without all the bawling eyes, and snot covered face?

Go here.

PS – Or you could put up a stand in your local bookstore and roll around the floor…….which might actually too, when I think about it 🙂