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Looking Under The Mental Hood

…like the scariest of roller coasters, your belief in yourself and your motivation is going to hit those highs and lows.

You sell ten books….you’re on the top of the world.

You add five readers to an email list…this is so easy, I’m a genius.

But then you hit a turn and suddenly you and your little car seem to be heading downward to disaster.

On those occasions it can be helpful to look under the mental hood and see why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Not only can it be helpful to have this close at hand when it hits the fan, it can be helpful to separate yourself from the crowd.

Confused? It’ll make sense in a moment.

If I was to ask you, why, out of all your family and friends, that you’ve decided to create an online business, blog, or be a writer, what would your answer be?

Why have you settled on writing, publishing, or whatever, in the niche/genre that you’re in right now?

What do you hate that everyone else does, that you don’t do, or wouldn’t ever do, in your niche?

What would people miss out on, if you decided to pack up things tomorrow and move on?

The more you ask those types of questions, the more you’ll find out about yourself….which, truth be told….none of us ever do.

Me, no one in my family ever was a writer, or ever dreamed of being one. I was never that great at English, never really studied writing, and from where I started…stacking shelves for living…was the furthest you could get from self publishing.

What do I bring to the table. Well, for starters, I hate seeing people ripped off by others whose sole object is to keep you confused, sell you crap you don’t need, and then keep dangling the…’you can make money from home’…carrot in front of your eyes.

I also feel that, had I not been here today, you’d probably be off reading something in your inbox that’s got as much nutritional value as a piece of candy floss. – And about as entertaining as a funeral home.

I also know that I’ve made a difference in people’s lives. Not just with book reviews, but also by the kind testimonials you’ve given me.

Now….before my head explodes, or I put my back out with all the back slapping, you too have a story in you like that. Something that you can pull out and read, or tell your list, readers, or followers about that separates you from all the others out there.

How long will this exercise take? You can take as long as you want, but this could be one of the motivating things you ever do today.

Go do it.

Oh yeah, I’m especially proud of everything I put together on the WriteCome site.

PS – As if my head wasn’t big enough to begin with  🙂


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