Looks Like Another Titanic Was Made In Belfast

…just down the road from where the Game Of Thrones TV show was recorded, is the great shipyards where the legendary Titanic set sail.

Leaving the docks in perfect condition….well, you know the rest, you saw the film, that trip didn’t end well.

Now, although it was made here, we never took responsibility for what happened. I once passed a t-shirt shop in Belfast that proudly displayed a t-shirt with the slogan….

“The Titanic, Made By Irishmen And Sunk By An Englishman.”

So, as the car salesman would say…’It was perfect when you drove it off the forecourt, what happened after that is your problem.’

Now that the Game Of Thrones ship seems to be hitting one iceberg after another, coffee cups, hands growing back, and all special effects with little character development, it seems the fans aren’t impressed with it’s last voyage on our screens.

J.R.R Martin on the other hand, I’d imagine, is holding up his hands and proclaiming that everything was fine when he handed it over to HBO.

Whether he ever gets to finish the book series off, I’m sure the cash he’s made so far is keeping the Direwolves far from the door.

Unlike Mr. Martin, however, I’ve kept all my content creation to myself. Be it emails, podcast episodes, social media, and the like…it’s always me on the other end and that’s how I like it.

How do I juggle it all?

It’s easy.

I just follow this simple step by step process here.

PS – Let’s see if they can pull it off with the final episode.