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Love Is…Throwing Suitcases On Your New Girlfriend

…you’d probably never think of throwing suitcases on a girl you’d only known a few weeks, but that’s where I found myself.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

Rewind a month earlier, this is how a drunken conversation went in our local nightclub…

‘Bring her with ya.’

‘How? She hasn’t got any accommodation booked?’

‘Look, we’ll sneak her on the bus to the hotel…and then we’ll sneak her into the accommodation. – It’ll be a piece of cake.’

Or that’s how it should have sounded, but throw in a lot of drunken slurring and an arm over my shoulder.  🙂

Jump forward in time, and there I was tossing suitcases on top of Catherine, and covering her in the stairwell at the back of the coach.

Miraculously it worked.

Next, the accommodation.

And an hour later, it looked like the Gods were smiling down on us.

Well, we thought that, until a day later when the cleaning lady/owner found a bra and wondered which one of us was a crossdresser.

Of course, she smelled a rat and I and my new girlfriend found ourselves sitting on the beach, wondering where we were going to sleep for the next 12 nights.

But that’s for another day’s email. : )

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