Mac Is Back, Or How To Make Your Child Turn Blue.

…you know you’re in for a fun time when your child turns blue the first hour you arrive at your holiday destination.

I should add that’s a funny blue, and not the flopping around like a fish trying to catch their breath kinda blue.

Seems Oisin’s new ‘Superdry’ blue t-shirt mixed well with the sun cream he’d put on a few hours before.

So on taking off his blue t-shirt, he still looked like he was still wearing it. From neck to waist, and halfway down his arm was blue….and not a faint blue….but a blue Papa smurf would be proud of.

He thought it was funny too until his mother had to spend an hour scrubbing him in the shower. Leading to a very pink teenager heading to the pool on the first day.

Ah, holiday memories.

And material to slag him about for the remainder of the holiday. What? That’s what kids are for, right?

He’ll have ample opportunity to gather material on me when I’m an old fart trying to pull my pants on over my head. 


Now that I’m back, I’m fired up to hit the ground running. Twelve years without a foreign holiday is way too long and I’m keen to get going again.

I also kept up to date with my emails while I was away. More of the bland, boring and ‘Oh come on’ content came my way each day. – Yawn.

Some people shouldn’t be let near a keyboard, or better yet, an internet connection.

But I know you’re nothing like that, I know you’re the type of person that’s got great advice, ideas, and stories that could entertain a dinner party.

I know you also like money.

And if you don’t, I’m sure your bank manager would like to see you making some.

So why not combine them using this?

PS – As an added bonus, I’ll help you with your first seven emails to get the ball rolling.

This is only open for the first ten people….or this Friday, whichever comes first.

God, it’s good to be back!