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Made Anyone Feel Special Lately?

Made Anyone Feel Special Lately?
Made Anyone Feel Special Lately?

…when’s the last time someone made you feel special?

Ever notice that when someone makes you feel special, all the other competition disappears?

It’s not just any coffee shop, it’s the one that threw in a free coffee on your last visit.

It’s not just any hairdresser, it’s the one that squeezed you in at the last minute when no one else did.

It’s not just any pet shop, it’s the one that made a fuss of your dog and threw in a free chewy toy.

In that instant, the other coffee shops, hairdressers, and pet shops disappeared into the background.

And even if you never got another freebie for the rest of the year off them they’ll still be on your go-to list.

How hard were all the above?

Not very, and only a few cents lost at the till.

But those few lost pennies are nothing compared to the free advertising your word of mouth will do for their business.

And yet how many businesses have made you feel special lately.

I’d be surprised if it’s a handful.

Now, what about you?

When’s the last time you made your customers, readers, or followers feel special?

Ever done it?

And yet, if you did, you’d stand out in even the busiest of niches.


You could add a free video series with your fiction book where you take readers behind the scenes of their favorite book and how it came about.

You could add a free bonus area with free coloring content with a coloring book.

You could do a weekly Facebook live where you answer folks’ most pressing questions.

How hard is any of the above?

Not very, other than some time you’ll have to put aside to do it.

Want to stand out?

Want people to talk about you?

….Make them feel special.

That’s one thing I’m ramping up in the member’s area.

Not only do members get access to 99% of my products, but I also take them behind the scenes and show them stuff I’m doing myself – Stuff you won’t find me mention anywhere else.

Plus you can submit course suggestions.

How’s that for making you feel special?

Just follow this yellow brick road to the Land of Oz, Dorothy. 

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