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Mailchimp Warning – Slow Down There Big Guy!

…I wouldn’t call myself a penny pinching guy, but if I pay for something I like to make good use of it.

Take my Mailchimp account for example.

The other day I got a warning that I couldn’t put more than 100 emails into a sequence.

Yeah, believe it or not I’ve written a 100 emails since I put the Cheap Children’s Book course together.

Since then we’ve shared a lot of good times together.


my dog chewing gravel..
…my close call in Malta…
…my sister’s mishap on
my motorbike…
…breaking church windows…
…and wasp tales.

And that’s only 5 emails.

It got me thinking.

You think maybe these autoresponder services want nothing more than you paying month after month and not using them?

If you’re only sending 4 emails a month, those are expensive emails.

Me, I’m going to ride this baby until the wheels fall off, or Mailchimp expels me.

You want to join me in making them work for their money?

Hop on, we’ve room for one more.

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