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Making Cash From The Trash


…knew that line would get your¬†attention. ūüôā¬†

Once upon a time, there was a coffee shop, that came up with a money-making idea.

You see, said coffee shop, like most coffee shops, had to get rid of the sacks that the coffee beans came in.

Most folks just tossed them in the trash, but these folks decided to sell them.

And that’s what they did. One¬†man’s trash suddenly became an¬†income stream that no one had¬†thought of before.

Now, who was buying the sacks,¬†I don’t know…probably hipsters¬†for furniture or wall art.

But that’s what I want you to¬†think about today?

What are you tossing away after one use that you could reuse, repackage, and make money from?

Social media quotes can be put on a coffee cup.

Because if it’s inspiring on one,¬†it can be just as inspiring when¬†someone is drinking their morning¬†brew.

Heck, even a coloring book image can brighten up a white t-shirt, and put some money in your pocket.

Moral of the story…there’s cash¬†in your trash.

You’ve just got to put that noodle¬†of yours to work on it.

And if the coffee cup idea sounds¬†interesting…click here.

Barry J McDonald.
“Be The Unicorn In Your Market.”

PS – The coffee shop story above¬†came from Russell Brunson, who¬†I’m learning a lot from at the moment.

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