Making Use Of Jerry Seinfeld’s Success Secret

…if there’s one thing that helped me with my business, it’s been my daily email.

Not for the money they bring in….but that I’m forced to do them.

Now, there are day’s when I’ve got too much to say, but then there’s others when I don’t want to write.

I’m too tired.

I’ve done enough today.

What’s missing a day going to matter?

But it does.

When Jerry Seinfeld was beginning his comedy career, he used to write old jokes out by hand to get better at his comedy.

And every day, he used to write a big red X on the calendar to mark his work as being done.

One day became two….then three….then four, and before he knew it he had a chain of X’s on the page.

And once you’ve got a chain of X’s going, the last thing you want to do it break that chain.

Breaking that chain means you’ve got to start again, building your next one.

You’re back at square one…and you don’t want to go back to square one.

So whatever you’re finding tough today, maybe you’re being pulled mentally in ten different directions, what’s one thing you can focus on doing each day?

One thing that you can look back and say that even if the rest of the day went crap you got it done.

In a world that’s losing itself in distraction, those that are focused will leave the others in their dust.

One task.

One X.

Don’t break the chain.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – That’s today marked off the calendar.