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Man Versus Bee – Been There And Wore The T-Shirt..

Man Versus Bee - Been There And Wore The T-Shirt..

…did you ever have one of those moments where you shake your head and wonder…what are the odds of that happening?

Most times we’ve time to think about it.

This time I didn’t.

That thought flashed through my head a millisecond before I was up on my feet and trying my best to get my trousers off as quickly as I could.

The reason… a bee.

Moments beforehand, my sister had been playing a one-sided tennis match with a bee.

Me, I was lying across the bonnet of our car relaxing in the sun, and enjoying the sideshow.

That was until she gave it a massive swipe and sent it flying up the cuff of my trouser leg.

What are the odds?

I didn’t have time to work them out.

Well, you don’t, especially when you’re running around like a lunatic trying to get every piece of clothing from the waist down, off you as quickly as possible.

Man Versus Bee. – Well, more like lanky teen versus bee. 

Been there and wore the t-shirt before you did, Mr. Bean.

What are the odds of a bee going perfectly up the leg of your pants?

Probably, pretty high.

Thankfully, the price of this product isn’t anywhere as high.

In fact, it’s mere pennies for what you’ll be able to do after you get your hands on it.

What am I talking about?

Make a bee-line over here now and I’ll show you. 

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